Just to clarify, I am by no means an expert.  I am myself, a first time cat owner, I got my little ball of furry joy and mischief from a friend who’s cat had had a litter.  My little monster is called Loki (quite appropriately).  These are just a few tips I’d give to others that I’ve either found, or learned the hard way (smelly or painful).

This may seem obvious, but it is really important to keep the litter tray clean.  I learned the hard way what can happen if you don’t.  I have two trays, one in my room and one downstairs.  I started off with a small one I got in Poundland, but later got a larger one from B&M.  It is important that the litter tray is also a decent size, and I’ve read that as convenient as hooded trays may be, they are not recommended.  It is not good to get a hooded tray because the smell can put the cat off using it, and they like to have more than one exit, also they may not get cleaned as regularly; ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  I also have a scratcher mat under the tray to catch some of the litter off his paws.  While I’m on the topic of litter; I would highly recommend buying it in B&M.  I get buy the wood litter, as in B&M you can get a 30L bag of litter for £5.59!  A handy tip-use poop bags.  I have two dogs so there is always poop bags in the house, I keep a role upstairs in a cupboard for a quick and convenient clean up.  I go out most mornings so its handy to have a roll of bags upstairs, as I can use them to pick up poops and dirty litter for the tray and then bin the bag on the way out.  I use litter tray liners to tip the tray out into, as I found he would just rip the bag with his claws.


Loki loves the Felix kitten food pouches, he get a pouch a day; half in the morning and half at night and biscuits for the rest of the day.  He wakes me up in the morning for his pouch, even if he has biscuits.  At the moment I’m giving him RSPCA kitten biscuits.  He had Asda dry kitten food before but it didn’t seem to fill him up.  Treats wise, he get Dreamies and Weebox stick.  He LOVES them!  I rattle the bag of Dreamies and he will appear, and when I open one of his chew sticks he climbs up me to get to it.  I usually get them from B&M because they are cheaper there, so I would recommend these treats as Loki loves them!  Although be sure to check the back of the bags of Dreamies because not all of them are for kittens too, I don’t know what the difference is but I don’t want to take the risk.

I’m intending to try and bath him more to get him used to it now, so if he has to be bathed when hes older for some reasons, hopefully, I wont get torn to shreds.  Useful tip, if your cat has fleas for you suspect that it does, wash it with tea tree shampoo as it will help to kill the fleas.  HOWEVER be sure to wash it all out as tea tree can be toxic to cats!

I’ve left his carrier set up in my room with a blanket in it, so he has a little place to go to get away.  Also he doesn’t mind going in it, which will be handy if he has to be taken somewhere.  He recently had to go to the vets to get neutered, and when I brought him home he slept in the carrier for a bit.  He almost always sleeps on my bed with me, he loves this soft purple blanket that I have on my bed, he kneads it with his paws and purrs before settling down.  Lately he has taken to curling up next to my head, draped alongside my neck. It so cute when he does this, but in the morning he bites my nose and ears, and if my duvet isn’t tucked under my feet he bites my toes.  The joys of having a kitten; makes me feel so loved!