Here’s a list of my favourite TV shows if you’re looking for new shows to watch, are bored during your holidays or just love a good TV show.  Quite a few (most) of the programmes listed below will be crime/thriller drama, so these shows probably won’t be for everyone.

1.  Sherlock and Hannibal (18+)

I couldn’t pick a favourite.


Hannibal, understandably, isn’t for everyone.  This shows isn’t for the faint-hearted.  It is brilliantly twisted, dark and sadistic.  I love everything about this show and have grown very attached to the characters.  The show is based of Thomas Harris’ ‘Red Dragon’ and its characters.  The show’s two main protagonists are Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham.  There are 3 seasons, and I am every hopeful that there will be a 4th season (I NEED IT).  Will Graham is a FBI criminal profiler, investigating a series of serial killings.  Hannibal Lecter is a psychiatrist and ex surgeon, who is enlisted by the FBI as Will’s psychiatrist.  Will has the gift of pure empathy, thus allowing him to think like other, including the psychopathic killer the FBI is pursuing.  He is put under the care of Dr Lecter to monitor his psychological state and help him.  Together they are a brilliant team, however Hannibal has a dark secret; he is a cannibalistic serial killer.  The show follows their relationship and its progression.


Sherlock is pure brilliance.  If you are a fan of crime dramas, you should watch this!  Why aren’t you watching this already?  This BBC drama is a modern day take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous stories.  Sherlock Holmes is portrayed by the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch (what a sweetie), and his partner John Watson is played by the great Martin Freeman.  There are 4 seasons and 3 episodes per season, which isn’t a lot but they are brilliant.  Season 4 came out recently, bringing the fandom out of its hiatus and awakening the madness.  The show follows Sherlock and John in their crime solving adventures, and their lives and struggles.  The characters are lovable and charming, and along with the rest of the fandom, I am very attached to the characters.  This show is fascinating and is never dull, each episode is a new exciting adventure that keeps you guessing.  The relationship between John and Sherlock is endearing and sometimes funny, and is interesting to watch develop.  This show will make you feel all the feels!

2.  Penny Dreadful (18+)


A short while ago I started to watch this out of interest, and ending watching all 3 seasons.  This show was very good and I would definetly recommend it.  It is a dark psychological thriller/drama series set in Victorian London.  It follows the exploits of Sir Malcolm Murray, Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler.  The show includes many famous literary characters such as Victor Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Gray.  The show explores their backstory and origins and the challenges they face.  The group’s adventures involve battling supernatural threats and facing demons from their past.  This show is a great watch, and you never know what will happen next.

3.  NCIS


At home, we have this show on a lot.  Everyone in the house watches it.  The show follows Agent Gibbs and his team of agents and the crimes they solve.  I NCIS is better than CSI, I feel that CSI isn’t as realistic as it could be as I find the actions to be exaggerated.  The chemistry between the characters in NCIS and their relationships is more enjoyable to watch, and the characters are lovable.  I love all the characters; I love Abby, her role in the team is a forensic specialist, I love how eccentric and excitable she is and the passion she has for her job.  I love to watch the characters interact and the banter they share.  The show has 12 series and re-runs are usually playing on Fox.  The latest season had me crying, actually all the shows on this list have had me crying at some point, for various reasons.