I did a year of 6th form at my school, but found it didn’t work for me.  I took 3 A-Level and a B-Tech.  The A-Levels I took were Psychology, Maths and Physics; the B-Tech was ICT.  I didn’t enjoy the maths and physics as I was struggling to keep up with the work.  I didn’t enjoy the physics as I couldn’t get into it and wasn’t following the class work, I got to the stage where I hated going to the lessons and bunked a few.  Bunking ended up with me having to stay behind after school to do work, which I hated and made me hate the lesson even more.  I ended up dropping out of maths, I had wanted to do well at it but I just couldn’t keep on top of the work, and I found the course was too fast paced for me.  Most A-Levels are really fast paced, for some this is a struggle.  I really enjoyed the psychology course and found a majority of what we were learning interesting.  Despite enjoying the psychology, I failed it along with the others (In the mocks).  At the end of the year I was given the option to completely change my options or to go elsewhere.  I looked around and found a B-Tech Level 3 Forensic Science course at a college, I applied for the course and was accepted.

For me I find college much better.  I find doing a B-Tech to be better for me than A-Levels, I prefer doing coursework to studying for an end of year exam.  I feel more comfortable doing this as we’re set assignments for the units, and I don’t have to remember everything for an end of year exam (end up wallowing in a state of distress and despair).  I’m enjoying the variety in my lessons, and in one of my biology lessons we did a dissection of a pluck (oesophagus, trachea, lungs, heart and liver).  I really enjoyed getting to carry out a dissection, I found it very interesting and felt that it helped me to learn.  Although leaving school and going to a new place full of strangers can be scary for some (myself included), I am so much happier at college; I’ve made some great new friends, and I still see friends from school and some of which are now going to college as well.  I don’t go in everyday, like I had to at school, but this doesn’t mean I have lots of free time.  I must use some of this time to study, and do assignments but I much prefer it this way; getting assignments done in the comfort of my home.  At the college, there is an area for students to go for independent work, where there is plenty of computers and different areas to work, including a room for silent study. 

When you choose an A-Level you have got to really enjoy the subject, as it is really intense and if you don’t, your grades will suffer.  Whether you go to college or 6th form has to be your choice.  But, don’t stay at your school 6th form out of fear of leaving.  Stay at that 6th form if it’s where you want to be and provides the courses you want to do.  However, it is a good idea to look around at colleges so you know all your options.  Sometimes there will be courses available at college that you hadn’t even considered.  It’s important that you choose to do what will make you happy and will help you get to where you want to go.

Still have these moments though and that’s not going to change 😀