I love scented candles, they are perfect for making a room cosy and smell nice.  However sometimes it can be difficult when it comes to buying scented candles, as good scented candles and be quite pricy, and cheap candles can be scentless.  It can be quite disappointing when you smell a candle in a shop and it smells lovely and its cheap, but when you get home and burn it find that it doesn’t release a smell.  Although some people may deem candles such as Yankee Candle to be a reasonable price, for some of us they can be a bit on the pricy side to buy regularly.  So I’m usually on the hunt for good scented candles at a reasonable/good price, and I thought I would share with you what I have found so far and my thoughts on them.

B&M-Iced Candy and Winter Mist candles- £2.99

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I saw these two candles while I was wandering the Christmas section in B&M, I’m aware that they wont be selling them anymore but they sell other candles like these with metal lids with leaves on them.  I would think that they would be released again at the end of the year.  When it comes to B&M candles they can be a bit naff, and just not very good as I’ve found with some in the past.  I’ve found that the Essence candles they stock aren’t good scented candles, I’ve had two of them in the past and they aren’t good, they didn’t put any scent out into the room.  But these candles from B&M I have enjoyed, as you can see from the above photo, I’ve found that once they’ve been burning for about an hour they make my room smell nice.  These particular candles have what I find to be a nice, fresh scent and that the Iced Candy scented candle has a bit of a sweet hint to it, but more fresh than sweet.  I would recommend these candles to others as they are cheap, smell nice and work.  I have another candle that I got from B&M a while go, I don’t think its as good as the other two but it does work.  It is a white jar that has ‘love makes the world go round’ written on it in red, the candle inside is also red and cranberry scented, I think it was £1.99 but cant be sure as it was quite a while ago.

New Look-London Apothecary Salted Caramel Candle-£4?

I can’t remember the actual price of this candle, I think I paid around £4 for it when it was on sale, and I think its normal price was around £6.  I LOVE THIS.  This candle is so good!  It could be considered slightly over priced at first as it is on the small side, but I think it is worth it.  It has actually lasted me quite some time, I’ve had it for several months and I’ve only burned about half of it.  This is because I don’t need to have it burning for long, I’ll leave it burning for around half an hour and my room will smell lovely, sometimes I can even smell it out in the hallway.  It’s quite a strong, sweet scent and not for everyone but I love its smell.  Personally I don’t find it to be overpowering or sickly sweet.  Unfortunately New Look doesn’t sell this candle anymore, but if they bring it back I would definitely want to get anther one and would recommend others buy it too.  Although not all New Look candles are good, as I bought another candle there which was their New Look Sea Breeze scented candle.  I found this particular candle didn’t release any scent, or not enough for me to notice at least.  I’m not sure I would get any New Look branded candles again, but I would try the other ones they sell.  When I went in recently they had a small  ‘tobacco flower and ginger’ scented tin candle, I thought this was a strange scent for a candle but when I took the lid off and smelled I liked it, it was new in and cost £4.99, I might try it out some time.

My last candle on this post is from Asda.  It is the ‘Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle Merry Mint Chocolate’ candle.  It’s price is £9 but it was on sale for £7 when I got it, I had bought two votive candles from Asda a few days prior from that range in Merry Mint Chocolate and Candy Cane Forest.  I liked the votive so I went back and bought the medium jar candle.  This candle was more expensive than the other candles in this post, but it is larger and is linked with Yankee Candle (at least I’m assuming it is going by the name).  It is a good candle it makes my room smell nice and I find it to be a fresh and sweet scent, as I can smell the chocolate but the mint makes it fresh and prevents it from being overly sweet.

I shall update my blog about any new candles that I discover.